You Can Become Financially

Independent or A

Millionaire…Even On

A Small Income

Your financial freedom ==================

Pennies To Power Don’t end up with pennies after earning millions throughout your life. Learn the underlining causes that keep people living on credit and landing is financial ruin. Even with college degrees and perfect careers, most people fail to gain the security they want. Big houses, expensive cars, and lavish props cannot save you from mistakes that lead to poverty. Written for young adults thinking about marriage, having children, and financial success, this provocative book reveals:

  • Practical solutions to overcome 7 barriers to success
  • Actionable steps to avoid habits that lead to financial decline
  • Low-cost way around the #1 practice leading to financial failure
  • Easy-to-use financial techniques to beat the economic game
  • The best cash flow strategy to get ahead on a small income Pennies to Power will empower you to fix and prevent financial chaos.

Renters Win, Home Owners Lose

Driven by the American dream of grandeur and prosperity, buyers purchase homes as “smart investments” when actually, the best they can hope to get is zero percent return. More commonly, home owners lose money on the deal, driving themselves even deeper into debt as they pour their hard-earned income into mortgage interests and maintenance costs.