Millennials: Are You Winning or Losing the Economic Game?

Depending on where you get your financial information, you may run into conflicting data about the economic condition of millennials. For example, one report indicates that 66% of the group have nothing saved for retirement, which is somewhat believable considering the general savings’ pattern of Americans. According to the Commerce Department our savings’ rate has … Continue reading “Millennials: Are You Winning or Losing the Economic Game?”

I Owe I Owe…off to Work I Go

For nearly two centuries, the desire for money hasn’t necessarily been our greatest motivator to work. Debt has. The need to keep creditors satisfied to maintain what we possess has provided more than enough motivation through the years to keep us working and stressing, even to the point of losing sleep. Today, almost two centuries … Continue reading “I Owe I Owe…off to Work I Go”