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Financial Literacy 


Together, we can fix the financial illiteracy epidemic in our homes and country. The problem affects everyone, starting with our children.

Today, more than 85 percent of our population is financially unstable. This is primarily due to financial illiteracy, which has grown well beyond epidemic proportion.

The problem has plagued our nation with severe consequences, starting with the Lost Generation and the Baby Boomers, all the way through Gen Z and younger people. The impact has been profound, affecting people’s health, relationships, emotional states, and general happiness.

People who experience financial problems are not the only ones being impacted by the problem. Families, peers, and loved ones all feel the financial burden to some degree. Too often, the condition decreases social gatherings, stirs up family arguments, initiates divorces, and spills into the community through legal and government assistance.

The Solution

There is a simple solution to our financial illiteracy epidemic, and it begins with proactive education, training, and coaching. Our children need to grow into adulthood with financial education, training, and resources to help them make informed economic decisions.


Kids should be trained early about financial responsibilities. When they earn money through chores and other means, parents should teach them how to manage the funds properly:

  • Save a portion for wealth-building, which can be invested later
  • Contribute to a charitable cause, something they’ve grown to love and admire
  • Contribute to household expenses, a small amount to help with the idea of responsibility
  • Spend wisely on desired items (Toys, etc.).


When teenagers start earning money outside the home, they should:

  • Continue their childhood financial habits, assuming they stick with the above model
  • Save for large purchases
  • Pay for the things they need
  • Pay the bills they create

These things can be done under parents’ supervision. That way, teenagers can be prepared to handle the harsh financial realities of life in a safe setting.

The goal is to help youngsters develop the skills and knowledge they need to make informed financial decisions once they leave the home. This includes planning for the future, spending wisely, saving for retirement, and investing for financial growth or profit.



Adults should concentrate on modifying specific behaviors that distract from financial productivity. This may include:

  • Focusing on impulses that encourage excessive spending
  • Altering credit dependency habits or  problems
  • Learning economic concepts that spur financial growth
  • Ending the paycheck-to-paycheck living cycle

Furthermore, because each adult situation is unique, individuals may need customized solutions to problems, specifically seeking and obtaining:

  • High-quality financial education that focuses on solving behavioral money issues
  • Individual coaching that promotes financial growth and security
  • Personal encouragement that provides ongoing support

My Mission

My purpose is to help individuals and families prosper financially — to become:

  • Skilled and knowledgeable about personal finance
  • Shrewd in matters of credit, spending, and saving
  • Financially stable through foundational planning, investing, asset protection, and risk management

All these are possible through high-level financial education and coaching.

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