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An occasional push is just what some people need to get things done. This is certainly true about personal finance.

The path to financial wellness can be intimidating. This is because most people lack a good financial plan and find it hard to muster the initiative to do what is necessary to get ahead economically.

What is more common is financial apathy and repetition. The prevailing view is:

  • Most people (youth and adults) have difficulty saving money.
  • Most people depend on credit to survive, even when doing so often results in financial ruin.
  • Most people live paycheck-to-paycheck and see no other way to survive.
  • Most workers retire with pennies after earning millions of dollars during their lifetime.

These and similar financial issues are more pervasive than you think and affect people of all ages.

The good news is that things can be different. In fact, I’m convinced that anyone can become financially independent, even on a small income.

Expose your group (ages 25-55) to the prospect of taking control over their finances…for good.

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For Financial Growth

Promoting freedom and self-confidence in personal finance. My approach on the subject of money:

     Heightens financial awareness.

Helps the audience to rethink their financial objectives before spending money.

     Inspires positive action for financial growth.

Dissuades negative financial influences while promoting positive psychological sentiments for success. 

    Encourages financial prosperity.

Inspires meaningful habits for long-term, financial success.  

Keynote Speaker

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