Pennies to Power: A Provocative Economic life-changer

Author and financial management coach Tom Graneau reveals how despite the college degree and ideal career, the majority of workers stay broke their whole life. Why is this?

  • What keeps most people (youth and adults) from saving money?
  • Why do most people depend on credit, even when doing so results in financial ruin?
  • What prevent countless workers from escaping the anxiety of living paycheck to paycheck?
  • Why do most workers retire with pennies after earning millions of dollars throughout their lifetime?
Written especially for young people, Pennies to Power is packed with solutions to either fix or prevent financial chaos. It is the true definition of empowerment—an economic solution for younger generations.

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Dear Concerned Friend,

Without diving too deeply into numbers to show the persistent financial decline about most retirees, current workers, and young people, it is widely understood that the problem is pervasive. The reality is most people are struggling with money these days, despite their sincere effort to prevent it. More perplexing is that they don’t understand why the problem persists.

Cash seems to be the most desperately needed commodity in the world, especially among Americans. There never seem to be enough of it to make ends meet and continue to pay on the mountain of debt we owe. Many six-figure-income-families are grappling with some of the same issues as those who make less money.

The problem is not necessarily a need for more money, as some may think, but rather a lack of education.

We habitually handle our finances with a high degree of assumption while continually running into depressing results. The prevailing tendency is thinking that we know how to manage our income yet lacking the confidence that comes with financial knowledge and wisdom.

Consequently, generations after generations, statistical figures show the same results: Roughly 10 percent of the population control most of the wealth while the remaining 90 percent live paycheck to paycheck or in poverty.

Knowing some of the main huddles that prevent most people from achieving economic prosperity, I’m convinced that anyone can become financially independent, even on a small income.

The two most important components for enduring financial success are these: youth and knowledge. My experience as an educator and financial counselor have led me to believe that youth, knowledge, and money can cohesively bring great financial prosperity and personal freedom.

Hence my new book, Pennies to Power: How to Use Your 20s to Gain Financial Independence for Life.

A no-nonsense approach to personal finance

Pennies to Power is written from the perspective that have inspired some of the wealthiest personalities in the world. People like Warren Buffett, Howard Schultz, Oprah Winfrey, and many others have used some of the same principles to gain success.

Among other things, the book is written to stimulate young people from complacency and drive them toward financial wealth. While reading, they will:

  • Discover practical solutions to overcome seven (7) cultural barriers that keep most people from achieving financial success.
  • Learn how to harness their God-given abilities to design their own financial destiny.
  • Discover why most people are having difficulty saving money and how they can master the art to their advantage.
  • Know how to cultivate their present resources for maximum financial benefits.
  • Unearth an affordable way to get around the #1 practice that leads to financial failure.
  • Discover easy-to-use financial techniques to beat the economic game and win big.
  • Learn the best cash flow strategy to get ahead on a small income.
  • Gain financial wisdom beyond their age to escape the anxiety of living paycheck to paycheck.

It is true that no one can predict the future. Yet the things we do today can often tell about a specific outcome. A gifted copy of Pennies to Power can help pave the way for a bright financial future for young people that would otherwise struggle with money for life. The knowledge they’ll gain from its pages will help them take control of their finances and create the economic freedom they deserve.

The retail price of the book is $19.99. However, as a contributor and one who seeks to improve the circumstances of young people, you will pay much less per copy. I’m prepared to discount the book up to 50%, depending on the number of copies you order. The larger the quantity, the bigger the discount.

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What readers are saying about the book

Pennies to Power, a life-changer . . . a true definition of financial insight and encouragement for young people”
—L.G. Nation, Planner, MBA

“Tom Graneau has produced a one-of-kind blueprint for financial success.”
—Ottley W. Mercer, Educator, BS, MS.

As part of your on-going endeavor to make a difference in the lives of young people, you can order a supply of Pennies to Power today. When the books arrive, take the liberty to distribute them to those who need them most.

As you know, there is nothing more emotionally satisfying than contributing toward a meaningful cause or need. Pennies to Power will fill the financial void that exists in most young people, including the ones who are closest to you. Knowing that you can make a difference and taking the initiative to do so will be rewarding…for you and the ones who depend on your offering.

Thanks for reading.

Tom Graneau

P.S. It’s easy to postpone a life-changing event such as this for another day, but I urge you to act now. As you’re aware, success doesn’t happen automatically. We must make it happen. Like the those who depend on the programs or services you offer, someone is depending on your decision to purchase Pennies to Power. Do it Now.

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