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Tom Graneau


Because I believe anyone can become financially successful,  most of my writing is devoted to personal finance.

Financial Educator

As a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) and Consultant, I want to help YOU get on track with your financial goals and succeed.

Financial Coach 

We all need a coach or mentor sometimes. This is especially true with personal finance. I can be that individual for YOU.

My name is Tom Graneau, a veteran, author, financial education instructor, and consultant. Some of my other professional labels include crisis manager and minister.

Fundamentally, I’m a self-improvement advocate, inspiring individuals and families in the pursuit of personal excellence. It is my belief that despite our unfortunate past (failures, mistakes, etc.) and present circumstances, we can become successful. This is true in many areas of life, especially in personal finance.


Some Background Information

I was born in Dominica, a small island in the Caribbean with a population of roughly 70,000 people. While growing up, I had little or no time for school, partly because of family complications. From twelve years old, I had to provide for siblings and my chronically ill mother. At seventeen, my mother and I moved to the United States. After two years in the U.S., I became aware of my need for education and sought ways to attend school.

About two years later, two concerned friends stepped into my life to assist with education. Despite difficulty with immigration, I started a long, learning journey in a private school.

Being unable to read or write and the oldest among all the students, I was placed in a private room to study at the second-grade level. I was nineteen years old at the time. After two years, I earned a Ninth-grade certificate.

At twenty-four, I got married and started a family shortly thereafter. When my first child was born, I joined the U.S. Navy and was sent to California. Altogether, I spent fourteen years in the service.


Shortly after being honorably discharged from the military, I enrolled at the University of Phoenix to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Roughly six months after graduating, I enrolled in a master’s program to further my education.

After graduation, I spent roughly ten years working as a Financial Management Specialist. I conducted numerous workshops, presentations, and private consultations with members of the military, government employees, and others in the community.

I enjoyed my work as Financial Management Specialist. The whole experience was emotionally rewarding as I watched people overcome their financial challenges.

At the same time, I was struggling with mine. Debt (mortgage, car loans, and high credit card balances) kept me concerned about my personal financial condition. With a stagnated salary, I had difficulty making ends meet.


In the early part of 2000, I became more determined to solve my financial challenges and those of my clients. I investigated what appeared to be a big problem in our country. Seemingly, millions of people were experiencing financial difficulty with no end in sight.

The situation compelled me to do more than simply thinking about it. I started researching the problem and discovered various surveys showing roughly 90 percent of working adults live paycheck-to-paycheck, even some who make a six-figure income.

Most often, the problem related directly to financial misconceptions, poor training, and lack of knowledge. This information led me to write my first book: Are You Financially Checkmated, which is no longer available for purchase.


I stayed engaged with other responsibilities within the community. I worked in various capacities, both in the church and on the job. Some of my duties included family counseling, financial counseling, crisis management, and others, all of which have been extremely rewarding.


Today, I’m passionate about helping people become successful in many areas of life, but more so in personal finance. This is because money affects many areas of life, including our:

  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Productivity
  • Relationships
  • Lifestyle
  • Security
  • General wellbeing

This means that economic wellness is the solution for many of our ailments in the home and society.


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